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RCS Maya Arrival - The Ultimate Maya Expedition

Dr. G Laconde could not sleep. He was sure the old parchment which he had found in a flea market in Barcelona just two weeks ago was authentic. If so, the mystery of the Mayas in Guatemala and Yucatan would probably for the first time dissolve and the reality of where these people had come from and why they had disappeared would be solved. He would contact his friend Capt. Max Rex for him to get the right aircraft for the coming expedition and was sure that within two weeks they would cover the territory they would have to search. He knew a Dr. Ishkar, who had told him he possessed very good information about possible sites where they could find the answers to this mystery. Max has called YOU to be his co-pilot and, since you have not been flying much lately, you accepted. The party would consist of Dr.Laconde, his daughter, Dr.Ishkar and YOU.

On the 23rd of March 1936, you and Max would land in Guatemala City and, after meeting the old Doctor, the expedition is on. Will the mystery of the Maya be solved? Well, you and the others will surely have a very good chance to do so…


  • Optimised for great visual quality and performance
  • Set in the 1930s
  • Use any aircraft of your choice
  • Maya alphabet and numbers given for translations
  • Unique RCS 'photo images', a Rolling Cumulus Software presentation for the first time in MSFS
  • Communication with the actors in a unique way - first time in MSFS
  • Pilots with some experience in navigation are required for the flights (distance in NM and flight direction in degrees is given)
  • New scenery at airfields with new characters
  • Instructions on how to 'walk' looking for Maya ruins, inside them and all around after landing in the mystery destinations
  • Manual must be read carefully